Farnsworth Art Museum Recap

On August 7th, we visited Nevelson Chapel’s Trinity Columns on loan to the Farnsworth Art Museum in Rockland, Maine and participated in a panel discussion with Chief Curator Michael Komanecky.

If you were unable to join us, we hope you can get a sense of this inspiring event through the photos and reflections below.

When I was growing up in Rockland, Maine my “Nevelson Chapel” was the Thorndike Hotel owned by Louise’s brother Nate Berliawsky, a family friend. You could stroll in there and see a wonderful Nevelson installation in the dining room and several of her vibrant paintings hanging in the threadbare lobby. I’ve recently learned about another Nevelson sacred space in New York: Nevelson’s Chapel of the Good Shepherd and I’m looking forward to seeing it after the major renewal and restoration now underway is complete.
— Jo Dondis, Rockland native and friend of the Berliawsky Family
The evening at the Farnsworth was inspiring as the audience learned that Louise Nevelson’s largely overlooked major New York City art installation will receive the conservation attention it deserves and appreciation from new audiences.
— Mark Rosenthal, Independent Curator, New York City and Ellsworth, Maine
Saint Peter's Church