Construction Has Begun

We’re pleased to announce Saint Peter’s recently received approval from the New York Landmarks Preservation Commission, allowing us to move forward with initial phases of construction for the renewal project.

All artworks and various historic elements in the space (including Vignelli millwork in the adjoining office) have been fully protected. Measures have been taken during demolition to reduce any vibrations that might disturb or damage the artwork or infrastructure.

Demolition of the existing HVAC and ceiling has been completed. This process revealed that exact “as-built” conditions remain intact in the space above the ceiling. Plans for the next steps in the work are being fine-tuned to account for the as built conditions, and to further provide long-term sustainability for artworks.

For example, an existing air duct that had been causing vibrations to the Grapes and Wheat lintel will be eliminated during construction. New ducts, pipework, electricity, and other elements are being prepared for installation in the coming weeks.

Door specifications are being fine-tuned for sound and to reflect improvements in the HVAC systems.

All of these steps and more are being taken with a view toward accomplishing the goals of this environmental upgrade: ensuring long-term conservation of the artworks and doing so with attention to the historic nature of the space.

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“This phase in a project timeline is always detail focused. In order to ensure every component is put into production to match original conditions and specified requirements, you have to verify every single detail.

No “t” is too small to cross, no “i” too insignificant to dot. For projects like these there is just one time to get it right, and so we are reviewing everything from door hardware to piping runs.”

— David Hottenroth, AIA, Nevelson Legacy Council

Saint Peter's Church