Interiors + Sources
The restoration of Nevelson Chapel about maintaining the cultural and historical relevance of how the piece came to be.
Kadie Yale

Curbed, NY
Curbed, NY finds Nevelson Chapel an urban respite in New York City
Allison D. Meier

The Architects Newspaper
The Architects Newspaper considers Nevelson Chapel in its role as privately owned public space.
Jack Balderrama Morley

Architectural Digest
Architectural Digest features the Chapel in the context of artists’ chapels around the world.
Elizabeth Fazzare

Forbes discusses the importance of restoring and preserving Nevelson’s masterwork.
Regina Cole

Ozy looks at the artist voice that shaped the Chapel.
Thia Reggio

Art Daily
Art Daily heralds the awarding of two major gifts to the Chapel restoration.

Archidust, providing perspectives on the Chapel restoration for readers in India and around the globe.

E-architect announces progress on the Chapel in the UK.
Adrian Welch

NYREJ highlights conservators and architects at work on the Chapel.