To enter Louise Nevelson’s intimate, calm, engaging vision of a chapel at the base of a towering corporate skyscraper is to find both respite and revelation. Her installation here is not just a place, it is an experience; an experience that is harmoniously contained, yet uncontainable; profoundly and marvelously human. Visitors to this installation will tell you: more than an extraordinary work of art, Nevelson Chapel is deeply spiritual—a catalyst for transformation.

You and Nevelson

You can rebuild alongside Nevelson, reclaiming the promise of this time and place as it was imagined 40 years ago. Each generation has the opportunity to leave a legacy, Nevelson offers a way to connect across generations to reclaim hope deferred. Nevelson called it her “gift to the Universe.” Now it is a gift you can also give.


“Marvelously dynamic, mesmerically placid. A womb for the soul.”

—Christopher Rothko