Installation Donor

Erol Beker (1918-1994)

Erol Beker gave Chapel of the Good Shepherd at the building of Citigroup Center. Mr. Beker came to the United States from Istanbul in 1950. He earned a master's degree in economics from the New School for Social Research and became founder and chairman of Beker Industries based in Greenwich, CT. He died at his home in Cannes, France, in 1994 and is inured in the Chapel.

2017-2019 Conservation Campaign Donors

A growing number of people and institutions are committed to conserving and preserving Nevelson's Chapel of the Good Shepherd.

Nevelson Legacy Council

The Louise Nevelson Legacy Council is committed to securing Nevelson's legacy into the future and raising the profile of Nevelson's masterful Chapel of the Good Shepherd.


Donald Albrecht

Museum of the City of New York

Timothy Blaquiere


Amandus Derr

Saint Peter’s Church

David Diamond

David Diamond Associates

Judith Dupré

Author and Historian

Rosalie Genevro

The Architectural League of New York

Arne Glimcher

Pace Gallery

David Hottenroth

Hottenroth + Joseph Architects

Peter Lipman

U.S. Geological Survey Scientist Emeritus

Sally Promey

Yale University

Brooke Kamin Rapaport

Madison Square Park Conservancy

Peter Rubinstein

Central Synagogue Rabbi Emeritus

Jared R. Stahler

Saint Peter’s Church

Anne Umland

Museum of Modern Art

Laurie Wilson

New York University

Saint Peter's Chapel Committee

This team of members relates to members and friends of the congregation, raising awareness and securing gifts.


Victor Beauchamp

Timothy Blaquiere

Rene Chapman

Margie Clark

Amandus Derr

David Hottenroth

Bruce Johnson

Pamela Rausch

Ralph Price

Jared R. Stahler

Maria del Toro, chair